Thursday, 29 March 2012

C - Chicken pox

I am writing this one mainly because Google was utterly useless when I first suspected it may be Pox. Plus, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat and Hollywood in general lead you up the wrong path! Usually on TV, the child goes to bed fine and wakes up covered in evenly spread spots... Usually before a beauty competition, school play or the day they are set to fly on holiday. In reality - slightly less dramatic I'm afraid.

This is how it happened in our house - Google will tell you it doesn't always start the same way (helpful!)

He had a temperature
He felt unwell
He said he had pins and needles in his head (which by the way terrified me!)
The next morning he seemed a lot better
He was still slightly warm
I kept him off school
He had one small spot on the bridge of his nose
By the evening he had about 4 or 5 on his torso
If you weren't looking you may have missed them
They looked NOTHING like the spots on Google images
People asked "Do they look blistery? DO they have a head on them?
They didn't
In the morning they did
And tiny red pin prick sized spots were starting to appear else where on his body
Up until this point he hadn't itched once
I had itched non stop
In total he got about 8 "pox" spots
The pin prick sized spots faded to nothing
I kept him off all week
He was perfectly well
I was knackered
His eight spots blistered
They SLOWLY crusted over
His brothers got the warning symptoms but NO spots
His auntie got the warning symptoms and spots, even though she definitely had it has a child
We considered it to be a chicken pox conspiracy

So for those of you who are trying to self diagnose on Google - step away from the Internet, you will find no answers there. Put the phone down, your parents can't help you they don't remember ANYTHING!

Just sit and wait and itch.

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