Monday, 8 August 2011

F - Finding out

Conversations with random people I barely know
#Take 1

RPIBK: Are you going to find out the sex?
Me: Yes. I think so.
RPIBK: Oh but you can't, you mun't. Please don't
Me: Welll, we both want to.
 RPIBK: Oh no! Don't. Please, just promise me you'll think about it.
Me:Erm... ok  [walking away, said under my breath] even though I'll probably never speak to you again.

#Take 2

RPIBK:  Are you finding out?
Me: Yes we are.
RPIBK: Brilliant [claps hands with unnecessary delight]. I'm so pleased! you will tell me won't you when you know.
Me: Erm... ok. [walking away, said under my breath] but the next time I see you the baby will probably be able to tell you itself.

I mean, what is that all about?

Be it my sister, best friend, colleague or an acquaintance who was pregnant , I wouldn't really care if they were finding out or not. It's such a personal preference - plus why would it have anything to do with me?

Some people like to know, some people want a surprise. It's up to them. Some people need to be prepared.

I found out with all three mine. Each time it was a surprise, I just got the surprise 4 months earlier and it meant I could go shopping - bonus! But that's what we wanted. I have no will power as well, so even with the second when I thought I wouldn't find out I caved as soon as I got in the scanning room.

Whatever you do, let it be your choice and don't listen to random people you barely know - who are they anyway?

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  1. I found out oo. People in my family made a big deal about not wanting to know. I told them anyway. I was pregnant and couldn't be bothered with the effort of keeping the secret from some and not others.