Wednesday, 20 July 2011

C- Colic

Anything that can't be proven by the experts has me doubting it.  "No one's really sure what causes it, or why babies get it". I read this and already I'm lost. We know that scientists can prove some of the most amazing theories to be true or false. We know that medicine has found answers for things that once wiped out nations. But why a baby cries in the evening and can't be comforted is often called "colic." I picture the big brains in an meeting somewhere saying "you know what  we'll just give it a name. What's that stomach-thing horses get that can be fatal? Oh yeah colic - call it baby colic."

My second child had colic, now I was reluctant to get into the whole colic debacle, as my first child rarely cried, I had no other answer. When people asked why he was screaming for hours in the evening what else could I say?
  • He's a "screamer"
  • He's just really cross about something
  • I'll ask him when he starts talking
  • He doesn't like me
  • My breast milk only comes in one flavour
  • He preferred my womb. Apparently it's really nice in there.
It was a lot easier to say "he's got colic." People need a name. A reason. A medical term. It shuts them up.

There is one theory I do consider though. My second child was induced. Which, in my opinion, forces them to come out when they're not quite ready. I remember the midwife saying "we may have stop, as babies often don't like it". Strike one. Then when he did come out, he had the chord round his neck. Strike two. The crash team (all one thousand of them) came flooding in, but the little fighter managed to start breathing on his own. However, what a welcome. Clearly he was still angry about the whole thing!

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