Saturday, 2 July 2011

B - Baby Language

My eldest child was an early talker; child minders, other mums and strangers would tell me how advanced he was. I knew no different. I would smile sweetly and nod. Secretly smug. It did have its disadvantages though, we presumed he understood what he was saying, but he didn't always - he was just a very good copier. At the time I was easily led, believing what others told me to be fact - "ooh you've got a bright one there" and would lie in bed at night wondering at what point do we contact Mensa.

My second child is completely different. He has his own language. This is novel to me as my first went straight into English. This one, however, is fluent in Baby. He not only talks Baby in full sentences, but now full paragraphs as well. This is how it goes: "Bah - do- bah dee-day-dare- iya-iya-dee-pbah-do-dare?" And he looks at us, one eyebrow raised, waiting for an answer. we used to play along. And reply with a "Is that right?" and "Really?" but now, after nearly a year we say " I don't understand. You need to use words now."

We were at a woodland cafe the other morning  and he took his cake to two older ladies at the next table and said "Hiya - a deare- o bayer-bee-tah-di-bo-da-eyah?" He spoke with such conviction, the old dear turned to me and said "HE LOV-E-LY". Obviously,  thought we were foreign, or deaf.

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