Saturday, 2 July 2011

H - Hiding

Oh how they love to hide!

We have had one instant, of a child hiding, where we thought we had lost him. They had somehow escaped. It was terrifying, sickening to the pits of your soul. We both blurted in out of rooms shouting him, getting louder, more hysterical, as each room was upturned. We went out the front of the house. The back. The question burning in our eyes - "When do we call the police?" One last look in the bedroom. Then out the corner of my eye, a ruffle in the covers. One mighty fling of the bed covers, There he is as a still as statue, grinning from ear to ear. "I was hiding" he chuckles, before he is gathered into my arms and has his breath squeezed out of him. He had placed the covers so perfectly on top of them Columbo would have missed it.

Every hide and seek game has that element of fear now, especially in public spaces, in the woods, walking home through the shortcuts. "Let's play Hide and Seek" he yelps and runs ahead, before I can answer he's hidden. Out of eye's view. The heart quickens, it's a race against time. He's easily found - he's three! I'm not outwitted yet, but it's a dangerous game, hide and seek - what's wrong with eye spy?

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