Saturday, 2 July 2011

B - Breast and Bottles

I put Breast feeding up there with my greatest achievements. I thoroughly enjoyed breast feeding both my children and am looking forward to breast feeding my third. It was never a choice for me. I always knew it was what I was going to do, My Mum breast fed us, I remember her feeding my brother (in public!), as did my peers and their parents and they often brought it up as if it was a historical event. I think this fuelled me to follow in her footsteps. Also she is still very passionate about the benefits of breast feeding, as now am I, so Formula always seemed alien to me.  I mean you wouldn't give a baby calf breast milk, would you?

However, as strongly as I feel about breast feeding my own children I would never put that on to any one else. Even stronger is my belief that a baby can only be content if the mother is, and if she's forcing herself to do something that isn't working, neither are going to be happy.

I'd say to everyone who isn't sure - give it a go, you might be surprised, but if it's not right, change it. It's easy enough to do.

I have no qualms with the Mum who doesn't breast feed. The Mum who holds her hands up and says, "do you know what? It just wasn't for me". or the Mum who says "Honestly? I just didn't like getting my boobs out in public." For those Mums I give you huge respect, I admire you for doing what was best for you and I thank you for your honesty.

But... the Mums who say the following, just ruin it.
"I just couldn't produce enough milk"
"My baby was too big"
"I'm too skinny. I'm a size six!"

Please, get over yourselves and never tarnish my ears with this nonsense again.

I am aware there are genuine medical problems to why people can't breast feed, and I do sympathise with that. I was lucky, it was fairly easy for me. But your body is pretty amazing, and a little bit of patience, you'd be amazed what it can do.

Finally, without wanted to end on too much of a sanctimonious note, but what the hell I'm going to,  I do take a lot of comfort from the fact it has reduced the chances of getting breast cancer. Surely that's the best perk?


  1. I tried breastfeeding, but am a lactophobe :

    I prefer spiders to milk. And that's saying something.

  2. Bloody hell! Well done you, single handedly shaming a generation of woman who wouldn't even give it a try.