Saturday, 2 July 2011

G - Gender

I'm pregnant with my third baby. I have two boys already - EVERYONE I meet has an opinion on whether this one is a boy or a girl. Me? I'm not that bothered. *has a quiet word with oneself* OK it would be lovely to have a daughter; have hair to plait, toenails to paint, dresses to buy. And that's just the fickle stuff, on a deeper level I have a great relationship with my Mum and my Sister and the thought that I won't be able to carry that bond on makes me feel a little bit empty. On other hand, boys are amazing - I've often preferred the company of boys and three of them would be quite special!

So boy or a girl? I firmly believe a pregnancy is a pregnancy and how sick you are, how you carry and other side effects depends on you, your health and your lifestyle. However, being pregnant means I have to sit and listen to may theories. Here they are -
  • If you're feeling more sick it's a girl.
  • The higher you carry the more likely is it a girl.
  • More hair = boy. Greasy hair = girl. (i actually have both!)
  • The earlier you conceive the more likely is it to be a girl. Late conceptions are more likely yo be boys.
  • Cut out dairy from your diet and you'll have a girl.
  • The older the man gets the more likely he is to produce girls.
  • If your nose grows or changed shape during pregnancy your having a boy.
Bloody hell! Not only have you got a ridiculous toilet habit, stretch marks, swelling feet, hair sprouting from new areas, possibility of piles, varicose veins and a weak pelvic floor, you can also look forward to a bigger conk! Marvellous!

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