Thursday, 8 December 2011

C - Cha-Cha-Changes!

When I fell pregnant I was well aware my body had changed, forever. This wasn't a surprise to me. I had factored this and made the sacrifice. But I wasn't prepared for how I would feel about it.
I have really chunky legs, and I'm short, but I have always been proud that I kept my tummy fairly (debatable at some points in time) toned and I had good boobs. Big boobs. But, good boobs. In fact, for many years my boobs had been my selling point.
But what is pregnancy going to ruin forever? You stomach and your tits. Ouch!
Then, after my second child, still breast feeding and walking everywhere, I discovered my legs to look the best they had ever looked.
So there I was, a year ago, able to wear leggings for the first time, but also forced to wear underwear that had to be plastered on and set each morning (otherwise known as Spanx).
With a week left in this pregnancy I'm wondering what the outcome will be this time? Will I be saving for plastic surgery? Or, maybe, as I'm having a baby just before Christmas the surgeon doing the c-section might throw in a tummy tuck and boob lift for free?
I know, only if he's got a beard and is dressed in red! Shucks!

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