Saturday, 28 April 2012

C- Calpol

I have three children, one would walk over hot coals for a spoonful of Calpol, the others need to be held down, have their mouths forced open and syringe fed the stuff - seriously you would think I was trying to force feed them disinfectant!

Clearly a "parent's best friend" is Marmite for kids. They either love it or they hate it!

But we have got to the point now where we think are thinking is it worth it? IS the relief from their illness going to be worth the trauma of giving them a spoonful a Calpol? Sometimes the answer is yes (chicken pox), sometimes no (teething).

But surely they need to offer some alternative methods now. The spoon and syringe don't cut it our household.

I talked with some other Mums who have they also spawned "Calpol Haters" and we thought of "the patch" like a nicorette patch but with Calpol, not nicotine, obviously. A Calporette?

Well, we think it would work, the only question is do I apply for Dragon's Den or The Apprentice?

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