Wednesday, 25 April 2012

C- Cradle Cap

Reasons I hate Cradle Cap:

  • It looks like someone's spread pease pudding on your baby's head
  • It is near impossible to say without calling it "cradle crap"
  • It makes my skin twitch when I pick it
  • But I am compelled to do it anyway


  1. Hi

    Just thought i'd pass on a tip which worked for me, passed to me by a villager.
    Vaseline. Before bedtime smear pure vaseline over the baby's head, rubbing it right under the hair as ,uch as you can. The next day rince off in the bath (it's hard to rince out so you need to have a baby that likes baths) and comb out. The baby might have a greasy head for a few days as it is really hard to get the vaseline out, but it really does work.

    I did mine for the first time three months ago, and have just done a small patch again.

    1. Oh Thank you! His brothers still get it occassionally too, so I'll give it a go!