Sunday, 9 October 2011

W - Weeks and Months

What is it with the weeks and months? Is there no system to correlate the two? Are they are different time frame completely? DO WEEKS NOT BELONG TO MONTHS?

I find it slightly exasperating that they are two methods to working out how pregnant you are. And they don’t seem to go together at all – like kilograms and pounds. So when somebody asks me how far gone I am, I think back to the latest e mail update from bounty, pampers or similar and reply in weeks. "29 weeks" I reply, proud of myself for knowing (usually I don't).
"Oh what's that in months?" they ask.
 "Seven?" I reply, unsure, rubbing my forehead where the pregnancy brain is palpating.
"Really so your due in November?" they ask, showing off their Maths.
"Ugh No. December. Maybe 6 months?"
"Is that all?" They squeal. "Eek you're big! Are you sure?"
At this point I should say "Do you know what. I'm 29 weeks. If you want to know the months you fucking work out. I'm struggling to remember whether its morning or afternoon."
But I don't.
Because I want people to like me.
So I say "I'll check with the midwife" and walk away. Fuming.

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