Friday, 28 October 2011

E - Expressing

Ok so now you can breast feed and have your own life back - all you need to do is express - easy!

Not really.

If you are going to make expressing work you need to be very organised, have great determination, good at sterilising and strong willed. These are some of the reasons why I breast fed, because I am not good at any of these things.

But I have tried it, hand pump, electric pump, no pump... Still not very good at it.

Once, I looked after a friends' 3 month old baby, in an emergency situation, she dropped her off and handed me a bottle. "Oh are bottle feeding her?" Iasked surprised
"No it's breast milk" she said and flounced off, free from stress or worry at leaving her breast fed child with a stranger.
"Amazing". I thought. But the baby took the milk, no problem. And was perfectly happy for the two hours I looked after her.

So it does work and you can have both. Just I can't - mainly because I'm a bit of a lazy cow.

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