Tuesday, 1 November 2011

V - Vanity

There is no room for vanity in pregnancy. No room at all. Days when my hair is washed and styled and my lashes are flecked with mascara are the days I class as achievements.

And there is definitely no room for vanity in the labour ward - that place is crammed full with screams of agony, flustered midwives and anxious relatives. Vanity, you must wait outside.

When I was heavily pregnant with my first, friends told me to rememeber to pack a mascara and some dry shampoo - "people will be taking photos, regardless of what you look like." a concerned colleague advised. I didn't. It wasn't one of my priorities. And, besides, I would be glowing with that feeling of euphoria everyone kept harping on about. Who needs make-up?

I learnt the hard way...

No, there is no room for vanity in the labour ward, but it will make itself comforatble next to you everytime you look at those photos, reminding you that you can never remove them, no matter how dreadful you look. They are your child's first photos, what sort of a Mother would dispose of them?
 "No they're here to stay and haunt you forever" a smirking Vanity will gloat.

Needless to say the second time round I was more prepared. It's like I went on a post-labour-breakfast-show-makeover!

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