Monday, 14 November 2011

I - I can't see my feet!

For a long time I thought pregnant people couldn't really see their feet. But they can, can't they? I mean, not from every angle, like they could pre-bump. But all it takes is a slight lean forward and there they are, like they always were, on the the bottom of your legs, just looking slightly more swollen.

No, this expression is clearly a euphemism for something else beginning with 'F' - a euphemism that previously flew right over my head.

When my first close friend fell pregnant, a good few years before I'd considered having children,  she was 7 months pregnant when I heard her whinge  "Do you know what? It would just be nice to see your Foo Foo again"
"Do you miss it?" I joked.
"Just you wait" she threatened and sat their looking smug. A woman who knew the real drawbacks of pregnancy.

And, she was right. It would be nice.

It's not that we look down there it a lot, I mean, if challenged to the amount you examine between the legs, you'd probably blush and reply "rarely ever".  But when that option is taken away and you suddenly can't, you become aware of how much attention that area requires and it is quite unnerving.

Unnerving in the regards that you have absolutely no idea what is going on down there, unnerving because every other body part which grows hair is taking on a new lease of life, unnerving, and terrifying, that  the time is fast approaching that that area is about to have its moment of crowning glory - a whole new stage and audience - and you have no idea what it looks like.

"ARRGGH! I can't see my F..."

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