Saturday, 26 November 2011

U - Uniform

There are two things I know for sure if  I was a working Mum:
1) I would have a cleaner
2) My children would have ridiculous amounts of uniform

I am the Mum who has pulled a pair of school trousers from the washing basket, sponge washed them and blasted them dry with a hair dryer 15 minutes before we have to leave the house.

I am also the parent that agrees with having a uniform on many levels, however, on a day I can't find any clean uniform I will bellow furiously  "For God's sake! Why do they have to wear Uniform at 4 years old anyway?"

In primary school the uniform should reflect the activities and track suit bottoms would be much more practical. I look at my two sons , who are completely different shapes, and think the only thing that is comfortable and  practical for both of them is a pair of trackies. Not formal school trousers. Which for either child will at some point need turning up, taking in, letting out etc etc. Trackies = one size fits all.

The other thing - how do you keep the polo shirts white? Wherever I have bought them from they have turned to a dull grey. I never wash them with anything other than whites. I keep vanish in profits. I have bought the "basic" ones, the "luxury" ones and the "stay bright" ones. All of them have turned.

And then there's ironing - well lets's just agree that's a non-starter in my house and I am grateful I don't have daughters who wear pleated skirts and checked summer dresses. Otherwise they would be very crinkly daughters.

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